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Beals Point

April 22
May 6
May 27
June 10
June 24

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Two Distances
Short Course - 3 miles with approx 185 ft of climbing.
Long course
- 7 miles - no laps!

Course info - If you've run on the Beals Point trails the past 6 months you have noticed construction of the levee system.  There are trails around the construction areas that still allow us to put on a great trail run.  The good news is that the Bureau of Reclamation plans to have construction on two of the levees done in May, therefore, this will open up more trails for us to use in our Spring Series at that time...yay!!

Course Description

Course Map
From Beals Point State Park all runners head north on trails toward Granite Bay.  Short Course (3 mi) runners will run out and back on the same course.  Intermediate Course (7mi) runners will continue running toward Granite Bay along lakefront trails, take a sharp left turn for a challenging climb up the water tank hill (don't forget to check out the great view from the top!), take a left turn and descend to the first aid station (restrooms are there, too), turn right and head East on scenic lakefront trails back toward Beals Point. 

Beals Point State Park
View Beals Point State Park in a larger map

Entrance to Beals Point State Park is located on Auburn-Folsom Road, about 1 mile North of Folsom Lake Crossing.   

If you park in the Beals Point State Park, there is a $10 park entrance fee per vehicle charge or you may purchase an annual California State Parks Poppy Pass park for $90 (a real bargain).   You can purchase a Poppy Pass from pay station attendant!
* See information about an annual Poppy Pass below
.  Remember that this fee is your donation to improving our state parks, including the trails we run on.

* Annual Poppy Pass information

Many trails are located within the California State Parks. If you do not have one, I highly recommend purchasing a Poppy Pass for $90/year (from date of purchase). California State Parks Pass info This pass is valid at 97 parks in the State of California where an entry fee is collected.  You can usually purchase your park pass at most park pay stations, most any state park office, including the Gold Fields District Office, 7806 Folsom-Auburn Rd, Folsom and the Auburn Recreation Area office on Hwy 49 about 1/2 mile into the canyon from Auburn.

Folsom Lake SRA


Breakout Racing is making the effort to go green to try and reduce our impact on the environment. 

What we can do: Pick up waste, carry our own water/sports drink with a bottle or hydration pack, use recycled and biodegradable products, carpool, ride a bike to the event.... 

At the start/finish area, we want to encourage all runners to re-fill their own bottles from the water and HEED jugs.  Currently, we have commercialized bottles of water for runners to take after the race, but when these run out, we will encourage re-filling our own re-usable bottles from the water jug.  We will provide a recycling receptacle for plastic and aluminum cans.  Most of our race sites/parks provide recycling containers as well.

For course marking, we are using flagging tied to clothes pins that are reusable.

Any ideas?  We welcome any ideas you may have to help in our effort to become an environmentally friendly event.

"You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it.  You must learn to see the world anew."  - Albert Einstein